DIPLOMA : Bachelor with Honors Degree (180 ECTS) – Bac+3 officiel délivré par Coventry University
SCHOOL YEAR :​​​ 1 year from september to june (about 20h/week)
LOCATION :​​​ ADM ECAMOD, 81 ter rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, 75011 Paris
STARTING : ​​​September 2019
FEES :​​​​ 5000 €
BACHELOR MANAGER : Mrs Félicie Bajard, leatherbag designer and Applied Arts teacher
GET IN TOUCH :​ For studies and admissions, please contact Mme Catherine Aubert :
caubert@albertdemun.net – Tél : 00 (33) 1 43 06 33 09

BA (Bachelor of Arts) – International Fashion Business

Buying, merchandising, sustainability : the fashion world is more than just designing. A Fashion Business BA can show you behind the scenes !
100% in english, this course offers students the opportunity to study the world of Fashion and its international market in a creative environment.
This course will offer students the opportunity to develop an understanding of the different roles in the fashion industry from trend analysis and prediction, through to the design, manufacture and the retail of products, and the role of marketing to the global consumer.
Working in partnership with ECAMOD’s Stylisme-Modélisme students during one year allows students to better understand the role of the fashion designer in the industry.

Why Coventry University ?

Prestigious British university, Coventry develops its international network. After Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, Coventry University chose Renasup and Albert de Mun to supervise the course in Paris.
An award-winning university, we are committed to providing our students with the best possible experience. In Ecamod’s school we continue to invest in both our facilities and our innovative approach to education. Our students benefit from industry-relevant teaching, and resources and support designed to help them succeed.


In this Year students will be encouraged to develop a personal brand that communicates their style, ethics, skills, potential and personality to take them beyond Graduation in to the global Fashion industry. Students will work on ‘live projects’ and competitions and will be able to develop personal projects such as a business launch, fashion event or public relations campaign which will enable them to analyse the effectiveness of their leadership, communication and team working skills in preparation for Graduation.
Throughout the course students will reflect on their skills and experience to learn how to prepare for Graduation to successfully achieve their future ambitions.

4 Modules

1. Marketing Futures​​​​​​​​​ (5 ECTS)

Personal Branding : produce a creative portfolio, create a blog, communicate on social networks.
In this module students will consider the concept of Personal Branding and will use skills developed in previous modules to enable them to present themselves to the Fashion Industry as International Fashion Business Graduates. Self-branding is essential in the digital creative age and students will consider personal branding as a holistic package that represents them as individuals.

2. Future Fashion Innovators​​​​​​​​ (20 ECTS)

Marketing : analyze a brand and major sectors of fashion.
This double module offers students the opportunity to appraise their individual strengths and abilities in preparation for independent study and graduation. Students will be expected to engage with and apply strategic thinking, problem solving, project management and teamwork skills learned in previous modules.
Students will be encouraged to build on previous experience and focus on an area of creative business development appropriate to their career intentions and suitable for any future fashion-related employer, business or self-employment practice.

3 . Future Proof : Personal Development Planning ​​​​​​(5 ECTS)

Fashion event : event plan, presentation of a creative world.
In this module, students will build on the skills and reflection developed in earlier years. They will continue to collate, curate and reflect on the interpretation and context of their current career development. Students will be expected to consider and identify their career aims and ambitions and to consider their own body of work within the context of their chosen field.
At the conclusion of their final year, students present themselves and their work at an event to the fashion industry. This presentation must be relevant, appropriate and considered. Individual, group and class work may be presented and must be organized and coordinated.

4. Future Fashion Project ​​​​​​​​​(30 ECTS)

Business Plan : build your professional project.
This triple module offers students the opportunity through negotiation with staff and mentors from the fashion industry, where appropriate, to select a suitable format in which to produce a body of work forming the basis of their professional potential.

Complementary Courses

  • Fashion Culture and History Course
  • Trade shows, visits Fashion Atelier, fashion designers, textile companies, exhibitions…
  • Sewing Workshop with Ecamod
  • English Business Workshop
  • Marketing Strategy, Business Strategy Course

> Coventry course specification​ (download PDF)


Successful completion of a BTS or DUT
Achieve 13/20 in English or 650 TOEIC.

Tuition Fees

We pride ourselves on offering competitive tuition fees which we review on an annual basis and offer a wide range of scholarships to support students with their studies. Course fees are calculated on the basis of what it costs to teach each course and we aim for total financial transparency.
September 2019​​ : 5000 € (for 1 year)
​​​+ 300 € (for the integration trip to Coventry)

Course Essentials at no extra cost

We’re committed to communicating study costs clearly to make sure you’re not faced with having to make any unexpected payments.
This is why our ‘Flying Start’ package provides you with a few course essentials. Your full-time fee for an undergraduate degree will cover the following :

  • An integration trip to Coventry University
  • Any mandatory site visits and trips within Paris and Ile-de-France
  • Key material : this can include core textbooks, software and equipment
  • Laser print : 1,000 A4 sides of black and white laser printing credits per year

The course aims to build and develop further relationships with the industry globally to enhance learning and teaching though innovative projects, internships and study abroad year. Students will engage with digital technologies from the outset and will have the opportunity to build their skills throughout the course.

As the course title indicates this course will be truly international, offering students opportunities for global experience though International Study Visits, admission to International Trade Fairs, Study Abroad and International Placement.
Whatever your projects and ambitions in this field (product manager, marketing manager, business creator), the Bachelor Fashion Business puts you in a situation of a brand’s creation and gives you the means to understand the fashion market issues.

All students will be encouraged to undertake the Professional Experience or International Experience and extend their studies with a Master’s degree in the different partner universities (Erasmus exchange program or other study program abroad outside the UE).