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While success means something different to everyone, our alumnis are unanimous, studying this BA top Up program in Paris campus has helped them to improve considerably their level of english, get a better vision of Business world and opens the doors of excellent Business Schools in France and abroad. We would like you to meet some of our university’s students, graduates and staff who strove for excellence in teaching, learning and research. Among thousands of graduates, we have selected few testimonies of students that might be appealing to you.

« Currently pursuing my Master in Advertising at Sup de Pub« Before coming to Coventry University for Global Marketing Bachelor Degree, I had done a two year post A level course (BTS) in Communication from Carcado Saisseval, Paris. I wanted to be fully bilingual in English whilst still staying with my family and friends in France. Keeping this in mind, I enrolled myself at the Coventry University Bachelor Degree program at Albert de Mun campus. Up to my expectation, Coventry University allowed me to not only improve my English, but to also acquire a different approach to work, compared to the ones I had developed earlier. Indeed, this Bachelor degree adheres to the Anglo-Saxon methods, that are more participative and more pedagogic than the French methods of learning where students have to progress through the aid provided by the professors. Thanks to the new approaches of learning, I was able to become more autonomous than before. As a consequence, I have succeeded to produce a Business Research Project on Advertisement efficiency that makes me proud of the progress I have made during these years at Coventry University. Through the researches that I have carried out, I realized that I would like to specialize in the domain of Advertisement. Hence, now I have taken up a Master Degree in Advertising at Sup de Pub in Paris. Thanks to this university, I can follow my dreams now! »

Victoire Lablée, Former student at Carcado Saisseval, attended the Global Marketing Program at Coventry University
«Hello, my name is Sidney. Before enrolling myself in the Bachelor degree at Coventry University, I did another Bachelor degree (BTS) in Management. This program was a great experience for me and got me everything I needed to enter the work market. I learnt to be more autonomous. I improved my English and now the International Market was also open to me. In addition to that, I was able to work on my communication skills, thanks to all the oral evaluation classes that were provided to us. I also broadened my professional vision through case studies. Overall, it was a good decision to get into this program, as it improved me as a professional»
Sidney, Former student at Passy Saint Honoré, attended the Global Business Program at Coventry University, currently developing international family business

« I have always been very interested by entrepreneurship and constantly think about starting my own business. This is the main reason why I decided to study the Management of SMEs during my first two academic years. This experience allowed me to acquire diversified knowledge such as HR management, accounting, communication, law, etc. Moreover, my previous two internships within the company LELIEVRE as Assistant Manager of the Chief Financial Officer not only gave me the opportunity to apply all the theoretical knowledge I had acquired, but also to understand how important it is to internationalize for SMEs. Thanks to this practical experience, I decided to continue my studies with an international approach, through a Bachelor of Honours program at Coventry University. This year, Coventry University gave me an opportunity to manage a new way of learning. Indeed, I discovered a new approach of Business and Management, through the concept of globalization. Moreover, this degree allowed me to realize the necessity of handling situations with the differences in cultures in every market and the importance of adaptation for companies in a constantly changing world. Finally, this experience was very profitable in term of personal development because it permitted me to analyse my strengths and my weaknesses. Moreover, I worked in a professional environment that allowed me to gain experiences and improve my skills. After having graduated from the Bachelor degree in Coventry University, I decided to take a year in order to prepare my applications for Master programs in Business Schools. Moreover, I worked in a professional environment which allowed me to gain experiences and improve my skills »

« Hello, my name is Julia Rouzotte and I am here to give an account of my experience in Coventry University. Before coming to this university, I did my Bachelors (BTS) in International Trade. But without an English fluency, my degree in International Trade wouldn’t have got me anything. Thus, I landed at Coventry University to work on my weak areas. This BTS proved to be a good course for me as I learnt a lot of important things during these two years. When I met Sahil, he explained to me that at this university, I would get an opportunity to improve my English along with my skills in International Trade. This seemed like the perfect course for me. Along with the improving English, I also got to discover another system of education, i.e., the “British” way of learning during my Bachelor. Looking at my field, I realized that it couldn’t have been better. Coming from an International Business background, I had to work with people from different origins having their own way of working, and this degree helped me fit into that mould easily. The English language courses not only focused at reading and listening but also, allowed us to write and speak easily. I am currently doing an internship in banquet services in the hotel “Intercontinental Paris Le Grand”. This hotel has a good reputation and is located right in the heart of the city of Paris, next to the Opera Garnier. The customers in this hotel are usually tourists who don’t speak French. As a result, I have to speak with them in English. Thanks to my degree at this university, I am able to understand what people are saying and also, able to answer their problems and help them deal with them. Coventry University Paris campus has tied a partnership with SKEMA BUSINESS School and in September 2017, I would like to do a Master of Science in English in SKEMA BS in Project Management and Organization. And I hope that the fact that I already know English would be an added advantage for me in the selection procedure »
Julia Rouzotte, Former student at Carcado Saisseval, attended the Global Marketing Program at Coventry University, currently pursuing Masters at SKEMA
« Hello everyone, I am here to give you an account of my experience at Coventry University.
I registered myself at Coventry University just after my graduation in BTS Communication. My main objective was to improve my English and to be pushed into an English medium environment in order to have a unique experience in France. To tell you the truth, I couldn’t afford to go to England for my higher studies, as it was too expensive. During my course, I came across a system of education that corresponded perfectly to my needs. I could see myself getting better at English and today I am a fluent English speaker. This opened the door to many opportunities as speaking English has become essential for a lot of companies and also to enhance international relations. Thanks to my course, I am currently enrolled in a great school of communication and at the same time, I am working at the French Federation of Dance as an Assistant of Communication. I would hereby like to thank my professors and the director of our course who gave me the opportunity to improve my skills and become fluent »
Claire Couillaud, Former student at Carcado Saisseval, attended the Global Marketing Program at Coventry University, currently pursuing Masters at Sup de Pub